AT&T Cloud Solutions

How can AT&T Cloud Services help your business pursue its potential?

  • 1
    Reduce infrastructure costs by aligning business expense with business value
  • 2
    Gain highly secure access to your critical applications and data from virtually anywhere
  • 3
    Reduce your costs by decreasing storage and server utilization during non-peak periods 
  • 4
    Easily integrate applications using our API to your storage and computing assets
  • 5
    Add environments for upgrades, new app development, or testing quickly and easily
  • 6
    Be ready for unpredictable, dynamic business demands and traffic

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  • Storage Solution
  • Operating System
  • Enhanced Set-Up with Database & Servers
  • 99.9% Availability SLAs
  • In a Nutshell
  • Cloud Service Type
  • Security Features
  • Support Level
Flexible, high-performing, VPN/cloud connection Infrastructure/NetworkA multi-layered security modelSupport included  
A fully managed, highly-secure cloud with SLAsInfrastructureA multi-layered security modelSupport is included
Deploy and manage cloud or dedicated serversMulti-level security for your critical dataSupport provided by SoftLayerSupport is included 
Accelerate content delivery: web, mobile & video170,000 servers around the globeMulti-level security for your critical dataOne-number support from AT&T