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SoftLayer® services

SoftLayer, an industry-leading cloud vendor that offers you flexibility, performance, and control.  SoftLayer products and services include bare metal and virtual servers accompanied by a menu of complementary services such as security, storage, monitoring and software options. 


• An entry point into the cloud
• Multi-tenant servers to lessen computing costs
• Suitable for general purpose web applications
• An instant testing and development platform
• A flexible solution for variable workloads
• Seamless and centralized management of cloud and dedicated servers via web portal
• Provisioning, management and scalability benefits of the cloud
• Monthly or pay-as-you-go pricing
• Deploy saved server images from your AT&T Cloud Architect image library to standardize and speed provisioning and deployment
• As an existing AT&T Cloud Solutions customer, your SoftLayer services will appear on your AT&T bill when ordered on this site.


When you choose SoftLayer® services, you can have the solid computing platforms you need, plus the flexible options you want. Here's how it works:


  • Select the cloud and/or dedicated server solutions that fit your needs
  • Choose from a menu of configuration options
  • Tailor your solution with a range of affordable optional features – from software, networking and monitoring to security, storage and other features



  • Based on 2.0 GHz or faster processors
  • Choice of Operating Systems with image library of templates
  • Local storage
  • Automated recovery options
  • 1000 GB Outbound Public Bandwidth (with monthly contract only)
  • Inbound and Private Network Bandwidth
  • 1 Public and 1 Private IP Address
  • Customer Management Portal
  • Server and network monitoring services
  • 24/7/365 toll-free and online technical support


Monthly and Hourly plans include unlimited inbound and private network bandwidth.


Bare Metal Servers starting at $.37/hour or $158/mo


A Bare Metal Server from SoftLayer merges the intensity of high-performance computing with the near-instant provisioning and pricing advantages of the cloud. It's designed for workloads with extreme I/O demands and calculation-heavy applications. With Bare metal servers, you can have the benefits of cloud computing, without requiring a virtualization layer.


Virtual Servers starting at $.04/hour or $25/mo


Whether you need at-the-ready cloud resources for rapid deployment, extra compute capacity for unexpected workloads or a short-term testing and development platform without a long-term investment, consider a public instance from SoftLayer® service. It can be a great starting point for gaining basic cloud benefits and a scalable springboard into other cloud server solutions that meet more specialized computing needs.

Currently there are no demos available for SoftLayer services.